How Do I Clean My Face?

The skin face should not be stretched and movements must be provided to above.

Cleaning while taking only a few seconds should be an opportunity to stimulate the circulation. This is done in a circular motion using the fingertips to concavity (sucking with her) hands.

Do I need sponges and brush to use?

You surely noticed as they are now fashionable and face sponges various types of brush. It is imperative to use sponges or brush. They help stimulate the circulation but the hands and fingers do the same function. They also help exfoliate the natural sea sponges are very effective. not all types of skin respond well to these treatments a day. If your skin is dry or sensitive do not use every day.

If you use sponge or brush is necessary to keep them free bacteria. To this must be clean and dry in a place where they can breathing.

Evita use sponges and if you use plastic brush bristles these must be very soft.

The Tonic “Necessary or not?

Tonic or astringent is desirable but not 保濕精華 essential. The function traditional pattern has been to eliminate waste and cleaner help close the pores.

Makeup powder products with foundation blush eye shadow and brush on white wood background flat lay

The truth is that modern cleaning products are much more efficient than the tonic past and is no longer necessary. The tonic leaves a feeling nice skin, so many women prefer.

When I use the scrub?

Depends your skin type. If you have oily skin you can use up to three times a week. But normally once a week is recommended.

All peeling skin types need even dry and sensitive skins. This is an easy to make at home. The apple, papaya, yogurt, oatmeal and lemon are natural exfoliators. The sensitive skin should use exfoliating treatments less frequently.

Do I need Wear Masks?

Yes. All skins need masks. The masks penetrate to levels where products. Everyday they do not. The masks should be according to your type skin and your needs (see our article).


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