Mini Storage Auction – Do’s and Don’ts

Many people have found that there’s money to be made by purchasing a complete mini storage contents through an auction. Basically, they’re going to purchase the whole contents, then separate it out and resell it in hopes of making a profit.

A mini storage auction happens when someone has not paid his or her mini storage bill and usually it’s for several months or longer. The owner of the mini storage unit will contact the owner of the contents and let them know that it’s going to the auction unless they pay their bill. According to what they have in the storage unit as well as according to their personal finances at the time, can dictate whether the auction takes place or not.

In order to be successful at mini storage auctions you’re going to want to call the place ahead of time and make sure that the auction is on, and find out the method of payment. You’ll also want to know if you have a chance to look at the unit before the auction, and if there is a fee to participate.

Make sure you’re prepared to move your mini storage contents as soon as possible. Along with the auction terms you’re going to see terms where you need to move the unit’s contents 迷你倉優惠 within 24 to 48 hours. You’ll need to be prepared for this, with a truck or a van, and be aware of how much it’s going to cost in fuel to bring it back to your location.

If by chance, it’s your mini storage unit that going up for auction, don’t try to buy back your units contents at the auction. Most mini storage managers will allow you to pay your bill, and they’ll cancel the auction even up to a few hours before. So go talk to your manager, see what can be arranged.

Make sure that your bidding appropriately. Many people have get caught up with the auction excitement and bid way too high for items. This is a mini storage unit content, this is an auction, make sure you’re prepared for the excitement and have decided your highest bid before you go.

Make sure that if your bidding on a sealed unit, or on a closed storage unit, that you bid appropriately. Remember, you may not know exactly what’s in there and it might be worthless.

After you’ve returned home with the contents of your auction win, remember, you can give away those items you can’t sell, or even donate them to charity. Don’t pay a disposal bill on anything that can be given away, it eats into your profit margin.


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