We’re All Going on a Snowy Holiday

With the summer holidays breathing hot and heavy down all of our necks, people seem to have one thing and one thing only on their sweaty minds: booking a holiday.

Global warming is treating us to an all round sauna, as has become usual in the UK according to the weatherman. He informs us that: “The ten hottest years since the 1860’s have been in the last 15 years,” and with this in mind -why not stay here and choose a winter break instead?

Winter Ski resorts are the cooler option and the perfect solution to that new-age “want to have a break but don’t want to miss the English heat wave” dilemma. The days of choosing the hottest destination you can find on teletext have finally thawed into a sticky-melted memory along with other 90s charms such as Twin Peaks, Steps and striking the “Vogue pose”. Wave good bye to endless application of sun tan lotion; non-stop worry about grumpy kids with sun-stroke; compromising with teenagers trying to be independent in a foreign country; and being perplexed about how you are going to keep the whole family amused in a climate where doing anything is chore. Welcome to the year of the Ski Resort holiday…

To any of you who have never been on a cold holiday, there are many perks. It is key to mention that the addition of snow doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of holiday blue skies. Returning from your break with a new spring in your step and a tan is something winter breaks can provide too. Snow, like water, is a UV reflector so skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities are as likely to bring colour to your cheeks as bathing on the beach, but without the concern of revealing swim wear!

The Restaurants in the mountain villages present stunning views off-the-piste for post-ski appetites. The food is a major upside of a winter retreat as making the most of the december global holidays mountain restaurant offerings is made much easier by the hunger inducing climate. The food in a cooler climate can range from giant plates of glazed pork ribs in Austria to Switzerland’s air-dried beef and is fantastically filling.

Family holidays are a paradox for a lot of folks. Children with a keen adventurous streak boycott any plans that parents may have for relaxing and finding something for the kids to do often becomes an unwelcome priority. Ski resort holidays provide a perfect platform for a varied holiday with beautiful chalets for non-skiers who want to kick back with a good book and an open fire as well as excellent opportunities for more active members of the group.

This is one family holiday that no one should miss – even reluctant-to-spend-time-with-you teenagers. Opportunities for beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders are available all over Europe at all times of the year, although common choices include Italy, France and Austria. Despite the common assumption that after Easter snowy activities are a no-go, off peak holidays to ski resort hotels at the beginning or tail end of the season provides a more affordable option with quieter slopes for families to take advantage of. The best time to go however is between December and April when the snow is at its best.


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