Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home Using a Stability Ball and Free Weights

First let’s talk about exercise equipment. You don’t need a fancy treadmill or a bow-flex machine to workout at home. The best exercise equipment doesn’t come in a fancy package and cost hundreds of dollars. There are several hundred exercises you can do at home. In this article I will give you a few ideas for easy exercises you can do at home using a stability ball and free weights.

A stability ball alone can give you a full body workout. Stability balls incorporate balance and core training. A stability ball also shortens your workout because you have to work harder to stabilize yourself on the ball. Using a stability ball helps with core training by working more than one muscle group at a time, which also shortens your workout.

Free weights are very inexpensive and offer a workout equal to or better than weight lifting machines. When using free weights you also incorporate balance, which helps to develop core strength.

Abdominal crunch

Lay flat on the ball. The ball should be centered with your lower back, placing your feet flat on the ground. Lay your hands across your chest. Slowly lift your torso up to a 90- degree angle concentrating on your abdominal and hip flexors. Then, lower back to starting position.

Add a twisting motion to the upward phase to work your obliques.

Sitting lifts (legs)
Sit firmly on top of the ball with an upright torso, your feet placed flat on the ground. Place your hands on your hips, slowly lift and extend one leg into the air while maintaining your body position, hold for three seconds and then slowly lower. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Wall slides
Placed the ball at your belt line, step forward 12 inches, keep your feet shoulder width a part. Keep your back straight, and squat down until your knees reached a 90 angle. Then dingdong bola extend your legs to return to the upright position.

Variations (Arms)
Wall slide curl and press, adding free weights. Using the same stance as the wall slide. As you squat down, lift the weights up to your shoulders, bending your elbows. As you come back to a full stance slowly lower the weights down.

Wall slide press, keeping your body in the same position as the wall slide, hold the weights at your shoulder level and as you bend your knees slide down the wall and lift the weights over your head. As you extend your leg to the up right position, slowly lower the free weights to the starting position.

Kneel on the ground with the ball placed under the stomach and chest. Arms should be held out to the sides slowly raising your hands slightly above shoulder level then slowly lower.

These are only a few easy exercises you can do at home. Using a stability ball and the free weights offer several levels of intensity. Depending on your skill level, will depend on how much weight you start with. Also you should check with your doctor before you start any exercise program. Using easy at-home exercises is a great way to stay in shape but remember every exercise program needs a good diet program as well to help you lose weight and keep it off.


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