Interior Designers Help Make Your House a Home

My part of the interior designer sandwich requires that I specify products that are grown locally for my clients, grown in organic conditions that will sustain the family, and easily enjoyed by all the members living in their home. Yup, that’s right, it is a healthy sandwich that not only looks and tastes good… it’s good for you! It is a green friendly meal that offers sustainable products that are environmentally sound and accessible to all family members… plus, my interior designer sandwich presentation enhances the families palette preferences plated to coordinate with the ambiance inside the residential shell.

The next time you go shopping for your home design project, think about all the people who can supply their best ingredients. Planning it right from the beginning home improvement and gathering your list of experts leads to a beautiful meal that tastes delicious with an extra side of delightful memories yet to come.

Bon Appetit!

Tina Harvey approaches every design project with a calm but knowledgeable approach that makes the processes of design as enjoyable as the final transformation of any size residential or small office design.


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