How to Measure for Ready Made Curtains

Buying ready made curtains online doesn’t have to be a real chore. As long as you’re armed with all the correct information before you begin your hunt for the perfect pair of curtains, it couldn’t be simpler. To make sure you buy curtains that will fit when you hang them up, here’s our how to guide to ensure you get the perfect measurement.

Firstly, there are three types of curtains:

• Tab top
• Eyelet
• Pencil pleat

When you’re buying your ready made curtains online, here’s how to do it…

First of all, you need to make sure you fix your curtain pole or track before you take your measurements. Your track or pole needs to be bigger than your window by about 15-20cm on either side of the window. This is to allow space for your curtains to hang when they are open so they don’t obstruct any light from the window. Also make sure that you hang the curtain pole or track about 15cm above your window. This will help keep as much light out as possible when the curtains are drawn.


To ensure accurate measurements it’s a good idea to use a metal or wood ruler so you get a perfect reading. Using your metre rule, measure the full length of your curtain track or pole. You don’t need to measure the finials, but you do need to account for the length of your track if it overlaps at the mid-point (where the curtains draw closed).


If you’re buying tab top or eyelet ready made curtains online, then measure the drop of your curtain from the top of the curtain pole. This is to make sure the curtain doesn’t smart home hong kong come up short at the bottom. For pencil pleat curtains take the measurement from the bottom of the small curtain ring if you’re using a curtain pole. If you’re using track, measure from the top of the track to ensure it’s covered by curtain.

Measure down to 1cm above the window sill for curtains that will sit at this height, or down to your ideal length if your curtains will sit below the window sill. For floor-length curtains, measure down to 1cm above the floor to ensure a nice clean finish.

Finally, you need to take into consideration how gathered you want the ready made curtains you’re buying online to look. If, for example, you’re buying a pencil pleat curtain with a standard 168cm width, and you hang it on a pole with a length of 150cm – 210cm it will have a full appearance. Hang it on a longer length pole and the gather will be less full and much flatter. This is the same for tab top and eyelet curtains.

Now that you know how to measure for your ready made curtains, buying online should be a cinch. But always make sure you double check your measurements before you go ahead and click the ‘buy’ button.


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