Mother and Baby Nutrition – A Significant Glance Throughout Pregnancy

The mother and baby are given equal importance when it comes to pregnancy. Each and every single thing is considered with care, concern and responsibility so that both of them are left unharmed. This is mainly because the mother and baby is regarded as one or a single body. Only if the mother eats good, the baby will be lively and healthy inside. Every single woman taking up this divine zest or responsibility should be well aware of the how the health of baby is improved and what are to be taken and what not.

There are several myths revolving around pregnancy myths and if you go in for searching in baby websites to clear this off, you will be left in utter confusion as it won’t be the same everywhere. There are many who consider it as a 坐月子中心 priority and the others who never care about these things. So are they for real? Let us have a look on them.

There are mothers who suffer from severe vomiting, nausea and other mood swings and so they skip their lunch as they say they can’t eat heavy or any other reason. This is of course not true as a pregnant lady should never skip a meal, instead must take food in small quantities at intervals. Include protein and whole grain meal in your food to ensure better health for mother and baby.

After childbirth it is important to eat well as the mother is supposed to pass the nutrition to the baby through breastfeeding. For this, the new mom should be healthy enough to withstand the tiredness and pain of the labour and at the same time feed the newborn. By including additional calcium and iron into your diet, you tend to provide enough nutrition to the baby and protect yourself from being anaemic.

Some of the best calcium sources include dairy products like sour cream, milk, yoghurt etc and also make sure it does not exceed 100 mg daily. It is highly advised to avoid any soft cheeses that are non-pasteurized like feta, brie and gorgonzola as it contains a bacterium known as Listeria. This bacterium is responsible for constipation in pregnant women. You can check out several baby websites to give more ideas on the food stuffs having more Listeria bacterium.

Munching healthy snacks like saltines, toasts and pretzels keeps you full and helping you stay away from the fried and junk foods. Fruits and vegetables can also be a good choice as nutrition and pregnancy is directly related to each other.


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