How to Automatically Fix Network Controller Driver Related Problems

PC users like you tend to experience device driver related problems, either because they undergo a fresh installation of their operating system or when a problem occurs all of a sudden. One of these problems is when your network controller is listed under the category of Other Devices in the Device Manager. This indicates that the device driver for your network controller has been corrupted, outdated, or the required driver is currently missing, which will either slow down or disable your computer’s network connectivity. We will briefly discuss the reasons why this device related trouble occurs, and how to automatically fix this problem through the aid of Driver Detective software.

Reasons for Network Controller Driver Related Problems:

a) Corrupted Driver:

Since a device driver is a program, it can be affected or corrupted by system or application error. It can also be infected and deleted by computer viruses, resulting in sudden unknown device trouble.

b) Outdated Driver:

You may also experience sudden driver related issues if the device drivers became outdated or obsolete. As a result, you will experience a slower connectivity, on and off network connection, or you will not be able to access the Internet at all.

c) Missing Driver:

Missing driver issues of a network controller may occur when a PC user undergoes an OS installation (such as fresh/clean installation, upgrade, and downgrade). Another scenario is when a PC user is trying to install a new network controller in his computer, and the required drivers are not yet installed.

Fixing and Preventing Network Controller Driver Related Problems Automatically

In order to fix network controller related problems due to a corrupted, outdated, or missing device driver, you will need to install or reinstall the required drivers. You can use the installation CD (if available) to reinstall the device driver, but because of the possibility that the current revision (both installed or on your backup CD) might have already been outdated, it is recommended to download and install the latest version of the network controller device driver on your computer.

But searching manually online requires your time and energy, and if you have multiple devices with device driver issues, manually searching for drivers online will be troublesome. This is the case where Driver Detective software will 租旅遊巴 greatly aid you. You will only need to run a PC device scan, and then you will be able to know which hardware devices have missing drivers such as your network controller, or which of the installed device drivers on your PC needs to be updated.

And then, after you complete the Driver Detective registration process, you will be able to download the required updates to fix your network device problems.

Well, you will definitely agree that most services as of today are not free of charge, most especially if those services will greatly aid you, just like the full benefits of an automatic driver update software such as Driver Detective. On the other hand, just imagine the advantages that you can enjoy while letting this tool aid you in fixing your driver related issues.

First, you will be able to download your network controller drivers along with all your missing drivers automatically. Second, you will be able to know which drivers are out-of-date, and you can automatically download their corresponding driver updates before these outdated drivers cause hardware problems or system malfunction. Third, there is no need for you to blindly search online for the required drivers of unknown devices installed or attached to your PC. Fourth, you will save your precious time and energy, and you can use this spare time for more important things. Fifth, you will be able to save some money compared to the fees charged by computer repair shops. And, there are still many more benefits that you can enjoy.


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