The Top 5 Foods to Avoid and Why

There are many temptations all around us with food being one of the guiltiest! In today’s society we are surrounded by foods packed with salt, sugar and fat that are often processed to breaking point. “Guilty pleasures” is a term often used and for the following 5 foods they have all been summoned to the identity parade we are going to be looking at here.

Food number one please identify yourself!


these fellows are covered in sugar to start and some even have jam crammed into them, again more sugar content. The refined sugar is fried in refined oil to add to the mixture.

They upset your blood sugar balance by giving you a quick high followed by a low, purely down to the vast amount of sugar in such a short space of time. The doughnut also has an addictive quality that makes it just that much harder to resist. That is one of the reasons why they are sold quite often in a box of 6 or more!

OK food number two please step forward

Processed meats

You are charged with being an “unhealthy mystery”.

Only the few people actually know what is contained within these meats and they have probably been sworn to secrecy! The meats that come from a can and are unrecognizable (most if not all!) are not going to be great for your body – just think about all the processing changes that they have gone through in order to look that way in the first place!

Try to steer clear or cut down on sausages and salamis too – in particular cheap versions as these 食品包裝牌照 contain all the unwanted bits that have been mixed up with salt and fat too – imagine all the heads, legs, toes and ‘other bits’ contained within!

It’s your turn food number three

Fried desserts

On the night of…..You were seen being consumed by…….. Well it says it all in the name really!

Being dipped in batter and fried is bad enough but when you have a food that is already high in sugar and fat content then that makes it a triple whammy!

Be wary of fruits served up like this too as they are likely to be covered in sugary syrup first like a ‘banana fritter’.

Stop playing with the free toy food number four and step forward!

Chicken nuggets

The bastion of the fast food restaurant – the humble yet sneaky chicken nugget!

This little chap only has a small percentage of content (and most of that is bulked up with a sawdust type filling) because most of it is the outer casing and to top it off it is usually fried too – the smaller surface area that the nugget has, enables it to soak up more fat per nugget, than say just one large chicken fillet. Making it a particularly unhealthy choice of chicken.


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