International Freight Forwarders – What Can International Freight Forwarders Do for Your Business?

The importing and exporting of goods involves not only their transportation from one country to another, but also product packing, customs clearance and insurance. International freight forwards can take care of all of 全渠道物流管理 these things. They specialize in the shipment of products to different countries.

The primary task of international freight forwarders is to arrange the shipment of your goods. The logistics specialists provide for the transportation of the products from your premises (factory/warehouse) to the specified premises overseas. There are four means of transport that shipping companies can use. These include road, rail, sea and air transport. In most cases, two of these means of transport are used. For instance, the goods are transported by rail to the sea port and then loaded onto a ship which takes them to the overseas country where they are unloaded ant taken by rail to the final destination.

Many international freight forwarders offer more comprehensive services and will do the packing of the goods for you. This adds to the cost of the service, but in this way, the shipment company assumes greater responsibility of the products. You can expect more extensive and larger insurance when the packing has been done by the professionals.

International freight forwarders will take care of customs clearance for you. They will take care of all the paperwork. They will write down and pass all taxes and duties to you. Customs clearance requires the following of an established procedure. This procedure varies to an extent from one country to another depending on local laws. It is important for a person who is knowledgeable of the respective local procedure to do the work. Usually, shipping companies work with customs agents or brokers that specialize in handling customs clearance in different countries. The larger the network of specialists the company works with the better job it is supposed to do.

The international shipping of goods involves a large amount of paperwork. Various kinds of documents have to be used by your business, the buyer of the goods, the banks that you and your client work with, the customs and local authorities. The international freight forwarding company will take care of all the paperwork.

Insurance, inventory management and supply chain management are also among the services offered by international freight forwarders. The shipping company will cover some of the liability, but usually a separate policy is necessary. It can be purchased through them. The company will also manage your inventory especially if it has to stay in a warehouse for a certain period of time. Supply chain management will ensure the smooth exchange of products between you and your clients.


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