Time to Switch to Plastic Cards

In today’s world, image really is above all. You actually do only have one opportunity to make a first impression. So, when it comes to choosing and purchasing items that will mirror on your business, it is very essential to take the time to select items which will show the superiority of your business. One instance of this is selection of cards for your business. Whether you want to make business cards for your company, membership cards for your clients or ID cards for your employees, you want to confirm that you purchase the highest quality material.

Of all the materials that are obtainable for creating ID, business or membership cards, none can equal the appearance and quality of PVC plastic cards. Ranging from 0.010 to 0.030 mil – which is the thickness of a standard membership card printing credit card – in thickness, these high class PVC cards come in a wide selection of colors for instance red, green, blue and pink. Since there are a lot of different options for printing these types, there are quite a few different types that you can decide from depending on your specific needs.

Blank graphic quality cards for thermal printers can be used with almost any plastic card dye sublimation thermal printer, counting Fargo and Eltron thermal printers. If you contain over five thousand cards to print, you will almost certainly want to go with Litho printed cards. Even for great runs, Litho printed cards can be completed in about fifteen days. For slighter runs with great quality, silk-screened plastic cards can be a great option. Besides these options, you may also decide to go with short run color process litho printed or non-graphic cards. Once again, your absolute decision eventually depends on your specific goals and needs. Though, irrespective of which specific option you choose, you can buy quality cards for as little as 55 dollars per one thousand cards.


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